Monday, January 12, 2009

Almost Doesn't Count

Lyric of the Day:
Maybe you'll be sorry
Maybe you'll be cold
Maybe you'll come runnin' back, baby
From the cruel cruel world
Almost convince me You're gonna stick around
But everybody knows
Almost doesn't count
So maybe I'll be here
Maybe I'll see ya 'round
That's the way it goes
Almost doesn't count
Brandy-Almost Doesn't Count
I'll just start by saying that almost does indeed NOT count!!!!
I'm in such a funk today. I didn't even know it was gonna come, and normally I can feel an attitude rising. I woke up this morning(late), and was in a good mood when I left for work. Then I get here and one of my co-workers has had her interview for the new position. Sidenote: the company is restructuring our department, and we ALL, except for TWO, re-apply. I'm not salty at the two that don't have to reapply, but I do wish I was in their position. So I've been pretty self assured about this job. I'm good at what I do...actually I'm pretty freakin awesome, but I'm guessing this doesn't matter to a company who is trying to save money. See I have NEVER almost been faithful to this company, my department, to the job that I've done, or to the effort I put forth. I give these people the BUSINESS in all that I do, and it doesn't take me long to do it, but I was ALMOST good enough to work here and get all the praise passed out. I am almost good enough for them want me to RE-APPLY for the job that I do work on a website that IIIIIIIIIII built, and found ALL the information $10,000 more than I make now. I'm QUITE pissed about this. Like seriously...I have to actually do a WHOLE interview for this job. I'm grateful that I have been fully submerged in the stuff that I've done, because that's what they're asking for, but the fact that a manager can trust me enough to make me the sole administrator, the only person to deal with company heads and the IT department on this matter NOW wants me to prove to them that I can do it. What the fuck?!?!?! Of course I can do it...I'm the only person who's done it since the BEGINNING 8 months ago. Nothing has fallen in the cracks, nothing has gone unnoticed, AND I've even implemented new ways to make the site run more effectively and efficiently. I'm mad.... >:-(
I hope I get my job back....$10,000 extra per year would be great!
This shit sucks....clearly almost doesn't count, and neither does complete.


Tiffany Nicole said...

Sho'nuff almost doesn't count...but absolutely 100% does! I hope you get the position you desire but even if you don't, this experience is only making you stronger! Be at peace about who you are and what you bring to the table. If they don't want it, their lost!

McKenzie Cheyenne said...

Awww...Thanks so much! I really appreciate that :-)