Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Random musings of a Strawberry Lifesavers...

The suspense is building.
I'm on the edge of my seat now.
What's the surprise?
What's the surprise?
What's the surprise?
-Brandy (Human 2008)

I feel like being real random today. I feel like I should share some of my weirdness with you.

I'm not sure if you're a Brandy fan or not, but this is a BIG fucking deal!!! Pretty good day too!

Why is it sooooo cold outside. I mean, wearing layers and layers of clothes JUST to not die while you are outside for 5 minutes. Then you get inside and you burn up. On top of the fact that on the ONE day that you don't wear so many layers its also cold INSIDE. Can somebody fly me to Hawaii for the winter??? Grrrr....

December 9th!....and I don't have a damn thing planned. Sooooo unlike me and the peoples not be unprepared for a bday. Maybe I will have some ole random outta the blue type fun....or not because that alwasy leads to trouble, but I kinda like it ;-)

So many good artist dropped FIRE this year. Lets recap shall we....even though I'm sure I'll forget someone:

BEYONCE: this was wonderful to me because you actually got to hear her SING, and I'm sure that the tour will be BANANAS!!! I have no doubt. Hate on the girl if you want, but it ain't many people that can TOUCH her in vocalz, entertainment value, and yes even artistry(even though she steals)

JASMINE SULLIVAN: the AMAZINGNESS that I thought that this cd would be was sadly not even close to what it actually was. I think someone is trying to END her career. The song choices SUCKED, the backs couldn't even TOUCH the backs on the leaked tracks, the lyrics left sooooo much to be desired, and to top it all of 6 OR MORE OF THE 12 TRACKS had BEEEEEEN out. The only reason this cd did ANYTHING at all for me was because she STILL has an amazing voice. Despite someones best efforts to ruin her you can still hear the absolute wonderful voice that lies beneath the garbage. I am sooooo happy that she was pretty well received by the masses, which means that MAYBE she'll do a better job on the next project.

JOE- *sighs because she can't speak* I have ALWAYS been a fan of Joe. "No One Else Comes Close" used to get me EVERY time. Joe's cd is complete and total FIRE from beginning to end. Joe left NOTHING to be desired, except for the wish that his management would promote the damn album. He has AMAZING lyrics, vocalz, backs, music......EVERYTHING!!! He sincerely brought ALL of his A game on this cd.....no words.

KERI HILSON: I'm not even sure if her cd is actually out or not, but I will say that this AMAZING writer is killing so many people with her voice right now. You VERY RARELY find someone with market appeal that can ACTUALLY sing. I mean look at who they're promoting these days: Rhianna, and this bitch couldn't sing if someone sang for her...it's ridiculous. However, Ms. Hilson is a wonderful writer with an amazing voice, and heartwrenching lyrics. This baby has been through something, and she's singing herself through. I'm a fan....

CHRIS BROWN: *bows to the NEW King of.....everything musical* This lil baby has shut the game DOWN!!!!! He has come in the game and MURDERED the careers of Usher, Mario, Joe, R. Kelly.....everybody. The only person that can even stand in his presence is Ne-yo and that's because Ne-yo is doing his own thing, plus he writes for EVERYBODY. Lil Chris Breezy IS that killer talent. He can sing, dance, and write. He's cute, SEXY, passionate, and still humble in the midst of all of that. He has killed em....all of em! If you don't wanna believe me, or if you don't agree with me....then don't! He's soooo awesome, and you can just SEE that he's gonna be around for a really really long time.

NE-YO: *tips hat at the new gentleman* Ne-yo said before his cd even dropped that it wouldn't be the same as his others, and he wasn't kidding. This man came HARD on all of the songs. They are heartfelt, beautifully written, wonderfully arranged, and all around straight musical. He has MUSIC yall!!!!! You don't really find that much anymore. The album is.....no words for it. It wasn't widely received by the general public....again because it's musical and society...they don't like music, but it was a complete and TOTAL breath of fresh air.

I gotta go home now, but I will finish this blog...if not today, then definitely tomorrow!

Do you and do you well!


A.M. said...

1st time blogger:
Well said about everything. It seems you're into Brandy as much as I'm into Beyonce. Music was indeed hot this year.

Oh btw... Happy Belated Birthday! :)

McKenzie Cheyenne said...

Thanks so much! Glad u enjoyed it!
P.S. I absolutely ADORE Brandy!