Thursday, November 6, 2008

Get The Hell Over It Already!!!!!

Have you ever met a person who just wouldn't get the fuck over it???
Whatever it may be....they just wouldn't let that shit go. They hold onto it, keep it in the fore-front of their mind, act like they're over it, but WILL NOT fail to find a way to mention the shit every now and again. Get the hell over it already!!!!

I won't sit and act like I don't have an issue or two or three(for that matter) that I hold onto.....but it's mostly love life shit. I hold onto loves of the past, and moments of the past. What I DON'T hold onto is negativity of the past. I have learned in my life that I don't really hold grudges. I think they take too much time and energy, because in that grudge you have to remember that you're mad, remember not to speak the persons name, remember not to talk to them or their friends....its just TOO damn much! *whoo sah*
I, like most people in the world, have had friends to treat me bad, turn their backs on me, talk about me, fuck me over...all that. Even with those friends I eventually say something to them, and eventually get over it because being mad just takes too much energy for me. See I figure that if you were once close to me that we share a certain bond, and that never dies, so.... But unlike lots of people, I have been extremely blessed to have some of the BEST ride or die(literally) friends that anyone could ever hope for. My friends are so amazing that people literally just want to be around them, and have nothing but good things to say about them....they're the greatest!!!
I, like LOTS of people, have not always been the best friend, however. I have had moments when the spoiled bitch in me decided that she didn't care about loyalty....and then I had to deal with the guilt that came along with that decision. I had to apologize for the wrong done. I had to live with that. I will say, however, that when I apologize for something you should RUN to the bank with it, because I sincerely mean that thang. Don't get me wrong...I don't think I've done anything COMPLETELY unforgivable, but I DO know that I have done some shit to some people that at the least made them re-evaluate me. I do hope on hope that in re-evaluating they saw that the good sincerely outweighed the bad.
Now that I've been transparent(so I won't offend anyone) I'm ready to get to the point. In the worst parts of my friendships I have had people to get mad at me or they're friends and never want to get over the shit, but then they can turn around and be some of the most unfriendly, standoff-ish, weirdest, unpleasant, self-inflicting/offlicting people on earth. I just wanna scream at them....GET THE HELL OVER IT ALREADY!!! I mean if you've wronged someone, and they've wronged you in return, but you've both decided to keep the shit moving the get the hell over it already. I mean how long can you actually hold on to stuff? Now I've never been a selfish person...spoiled yes...selfish no. I give what I can and can't to the people that I love who need it. I had a friend tell me that I was "the most inconsiderate, selfish son of a bitch" that she'd ever met. Yea the shit hurt, and I actually asked one of my other friends if the shit was true...just to be justified outside of what I thought of me. He told me no. His answer didn't undermine what she'd said...shit that's what she was feeling, but even in that I still talk to her. She's one of my folk. I fux heavily with her, because even past that she's a wonderful person(whether she wants to believe it or not). I love her to death. Now I'm not saying that just because I decided to keep it pushing past that instance that it's that simple....well it really kinda is. It's like this...did what they do or say make you never want to be in their presence again? Is what they did/said COMPLETELY unforgivable. Do they give you more reasons to NOT be there friend than they give reasons to be their friend? Is it worth it to be their friend?
It's really that simple. I mean...shit happens. Either get gone, or get the hell over it already.
You'd be soooo surprised how many stories I hear everyday where one person or another really should just get over it. I'm sick of it all. PEOPLE PLEASE JUST LET THE SHIT GO....especially if it was more than a year ago. Like who holds onto that shit??? That's just lame. If you think that people are intentionally hurting you, or will always hurt you then keep the shit pushing. Don't just sit there in it and make people deal with YOUR ornery ass. I'm sick of it. Maybe I should just start telling people(and myself) to GET THE HELL OVER IT. Here's a list of shit that I've heard about in the last couple of weeks that IIIIII believe that people should just get the hell over.

*disclaimer: this is stuff that I'VE personally experienced/been confronted with just THIS week. If your situation is listed, then I've probably already told you to get over it in some form or fashion. ALSO...all of this is Null and Void if you want to stay where you are. That's your business and if you like it, hell I love it. :) If you get offended...I sincerely apologize to you, but since this is my blog I can say what I want. Selah*

A dude/girl lied to you-
*either you're gonna keep dealing with him or you're not...its not hard at all. Make the necessary decision that works for you and then get the hell over it.

A dude/girl that you liked chose to like your friend-
*really nothing that you can do about this shit. I mean I'm sure the other person wasn't PERSONALLY attacking you by NOT liking you back. I mean, dude, you like who you like. In this same instance you're either gonna walk around mad a the dude/girl AND/OR your friend over some bullshit, or you're going to realize that THE WORLD IS NOT AGAINST YOU!!! No one is personally attacking you!!! It's not is what it is....enjoy the persons company and get the hell over it already!!!

A dude/girl fucked you and then didn't call-
* brainer. The shit happens. When you choose to screw random or not so random people and ya'll aren't together, that's the chance that you take. The truth of the matter is that no one is obligated to call after they get the dick/pussy. Essentially they got what the hell they wanted. If you can't deal with that reality then DON'T RANDOMLY FUCK!!! In this situation you HAVE TO just get the hell over it already!!!

You've been dealing with a girl/dude for years and he picks someone over you-
*Lord Jesus *sighs* this one is a little more personal for me, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't say the same damn thing to ME! GET THE HELL OVER THE SHIT AND MOVE THE FUCK ON OR STAY AND BE HAPPY WITH IT!!!! See when emotions are involved (man/woman emotions) in a situation it seems so much harder to let go than with just random people, and even friends. But real talk you'll only hurt yourself in the end. I mean either you're gonna get over the anger/hurt/weirdness(whatever you're feeling) for the dude/girl and keep "dealing" with him/her, or you're gonna cut him/her off and keep it pushing(as hard as it is), OR you're gonna deal with him/her and whoever else you wanna deal with also. See you have options that will help you get the hell over it already!

People treat someone you hang with better than they treat you-
*Very simple....first ask yourself how the hell have you been treating people. Is it possible...just possible that your ass is rude as hell!!!! You may just treat people like you don't want them around you, and because of that even if you're around they try to act like you're not there. Could that POSSIBLY be it??? People aren't always mean because they don't like you. Sometimes its just that YOU aren't that friendly. Seriously!!! Now sometimes people are nicer to people around you because they just don't like you...and to that you just have to say "SCREW YOU PAL" and keep that shit pushing. If someone has no reason to treat you sideways then pull them aside, send them and email, a text, or something to let them know how you feel. Real talk...if it's not someone that is important then get the hell over it really ain't that serious.

People seem to only want one or two things from you-
*Very simple....if they don't appreciate you for who you are COMPLETELY, not just the parts that they need from you....kick them to the damn curb. You don't really want someone like that in your circle. If someone can put up with your bullshit and still be your friend then...they're a keeper. However, if someone acts up because you tell them no(to whatever request that they have) then keep it pushing WITHOUT THEM....or in other words....get the hell over them already!

The truth of the matter is that you know who you are or are not gonna deal with. If you know that you're gonna forgive them then why waste the time and effort to stay mad to make yourself feel better. I mean dude, you're either gonna cut them off or deal with's that simple. Either way you go you still have/need to just get the hell over it already!


Lina said...


You know it is a bit inconsiderate of you to brush off peoples feelings like that, especially when you havent been effective in dealing with yours. And I'd like to think that these same people weren't so quick to tell you to get over it. People handle things in different ways and people hold on to things that hurt them. The best way to help them is not by telling them to get the hell over it, but by offering a suggestion as to how they can get the hell over it...whether through forgiveness, prayer, communication, time, what have you.

McKenzie Cheyenne said...

That is all incompassed in my advice. I never just say get over it and let that be it. I offer myself, and suggestions to help them do so. The fact is that most times people really do need to just keep it pushing, but being emotional creatures we don' included. I said in the blog that IIIIIIII was included, so I'm not merely brushing off anything, because people don't always brush me off...key word always. This ain't an advice column...just how I was feeling at the moment.