Monday, November 10, 2008


Lyric of the Day:
I woke up in heaven today
She kissed me I floated away
Never felt anything so great
Alright now I brace myself for the fight
Something must go wrong cause it's way too right
I'm light as a feather tonight
Cuz I can't feel the ground
Someone let me down
I've never felt so high as I do now
It's too good to be true
I don't deserve you
I never felt the love strong enough to
Stop this world from spinning
What if I told you that you were my happy place? What if I said to you that there's nothing bad that I want to give to you because you are my getaway? What if I told you that hearing your voice makes it all better, that when I'm with you I don't even remember what I'm going through, that even when I'm away from you the thought of you makes me feel better? What if I told you that when I talk to you every single thing melts away? I feel like I'm free, or like I can fly. I try to hold on to every utterance that is exchanged, so that I can remember it later and smile.
What if I told you that you are my high? I breathe you in and hold you until the burn of our impending encounter makes me exhale. What if I told you that you were my drug of choice? The intoxicating aroma that exudes from you. The distinctive smell that only you posses. The way that I drift away when I inhale your brown goodness. My mind isn't in space or time when I wrap my lips around you. I live in habit here. I know what to give to get what I need from you. I know exactly how to roll you up and pull you to take me away.
What if I told you that you've never let me down when I needed you? When I wanted to cry you made me laugh. When I wanted to laugh you made me laugh harder. When I wanted to relax you soothed me. When I wanted to be numb you took away the pain and replaced it when the sensual, tingle that appears when every nerve in your body is awake. You are my happy place. I turn to you when no one else understands me. You help me to understand the thoughts that even I don't get sometimes. You wrap me in a feeling that doesn't release until I'm better. You touch me in places that no one has ever felt. You engulf me in the essence of everything that you are. Your purple goodness is intertwined with every fiber of my being. You are my happy place. You are what keeps me sane. You are the safe haven that I long for daily. You are what you've always been.
That thing.
That place.
That person.
That entity.
That you.
That me.
That us.


Skyler Nicole said...

*reads blog and thinks about MY happy drug of choice* *exhales slowly* "AAAAHHHHH...FOOD"!!

LMAO!!!!!!! ..sad thing is - that MIGHT be true!!! LOL

McKenzie Cheyenne said...

i COMPLETELY agree....greedy!